Fox Hill Dance Academy, Inc.
2275 Fox Hill Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana 46228

Please call Betty Wright for a facility tour 317-251-3007

                   Fox Hill Dance Academy, Inc

Monthly payment available

Summer Classes June 12 to August 3, 2023
per person summer fees:
​$85.00 for 1/2 hour class per week 
$125.00 for 1 hour class per week 
$175.00 for 1&1/2 hr. per week 
$195.00 for 2 hrs per week 
$300.00 for 3 hrs. per week 
$275.00 for Ensemble Group

Fall Semester per person 2023 fees (15 weeks)
$165.00 for 1/2 hour class per week per semester
$250.00 for  1   hour class per week per semester
$375.00 for 1&1/2 hr. per week Ensemble Group semester
$325.00 for 1&1/2 hr. per week per semester
$425.00 for 2 hrs per week per semester
$675.00 for 3 hrs. per week per semester

​Advanced ballet class attire: girls wear solid color leotard, ballet pink tights and pink ballet shoes, hair in a bun,. Boys wear white t-shirts, solid color tights, warm ups, or shorts and black ballet shoes, if hair is long it must be tied off of face and neck.

Miss Betty’s ballet classes: Advanced ballet class attire is preferred for serious ballet students. Variation in costume is acceptable for adults and students who are not working toward point shoe work.

Tap: black tap shoes without high heels. Oxford type tap shoes are the best for intermediate and advanced tap dancers. (Boys and girls) loose clothing including shorts, tights, and leotards. Unacceptable in tap or hiphop classes: Blue jeans or any clothing exposing too much skin.

We accept checks, Visa, Master card and cash

Family Rates: less 10% for 3 Students; less 15 % for 4 Students.

​Revised December 12, 2022

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